Update a Shared List

There are several ways to update a shared list:

  • Refreshing discards local changes and updates the (local) worksheet list with data from the SharePoint server.

  • Synchronizing updates both the worksheet list and the SharePoint list. Conflicts between local edits and edits from other users can be resolved by the user who is synchronizing.


If you’re not upto- date, there’s no point in sharing.

How to do it

From Excel, use the Data List menu to refresh or synchronize a list.

From code, use the ListObject’s Refresh method to discard changes to the list on the worksheet and refresh it with data from the SharePoint server:


Use the UpdateChanges method to synchronize the worksheet list with the SharePoint list:

   lst.UpdateChanges xlListConflictDialog

If two authors modify the same item in a list, a conflict will occur when the second author updates his list. The iConflictType argument determines what happens when a conflict occurs. Possible settings are:



Displays the Resolve Conflicts and Errors dialog box to resolve the conflict (this the default).


Replaces conflicting data on the SharePoint server with data from the worksheet.


Replaces conflicting data on the worksheet with updates from the SharePoint server.


Updates the items that do not conflict and generates an error—“Cannot update the list to Windows ...

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