Program InfoPath in .NET

With the SP1 preview, Microsoft also released the InfoPath 2003 Toolkit for Visual Studio .NET. This toolkit is similar to the Visual Studio Tools for Office (VSTO) product covered in Chapter 6, but unlike VSTO, it’s available as a free download for Visual Studio .NET users.

If you are creating templates that require more than a little script, you should plan to program InfoPath in .NET. Visual Studio .NET is a professional programming tool that gives you far more assistance than MSE. Although the Visual Studio .NET environment is complicated, the command completion, syntax checking, and debugging tools make it a great deal easier to program with InfoPath.

Get the InfoPath .NET Toolkit

You must have the .NET Framework installed before installing InfoPath SPI in order to get the .NET Programmability features. If .NET is not already installed, the InfoPath setup will not be able to install the required components.

To getLook here
.NET Framework 1.1 http://
Visual Studio .NET 2003 http://
InfoPath SP1 previewSearch http:// for "InfoPath SP1"
InfoPath 2003 Toolkit for Visual Studio .NETSearch http:// for “InfoPath .NET”

How to do it

To create an InfoPath project with Visual Studio .NET:

  1. Choose File New Project and select InfoPath Form Template from the Microsoft Office ...

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