Self-Assessment 1: Personal Career Readiness1


Use this scale to rate yourself on the following list of personal characteristics.

S = Strong, I am very confident with this one.

G = Good, but I still have room to grow.

W = Weak, I really need work on this one.

U = Unsure, I just don't know.

___ 1. Resistance to stress: The ability to get work done even under stressful conditions

___ 2. Tolerance for uncertainty: The ability to get work done even under ambiguous and uncertain conditions

___ 3. Social objectivity: The ability to act free of racial, ethnic, gender, and other prejudices or biases

___ 4. Inner work standards: The ability to personally set and work to high performance standards

___ 5. Stamina: The ability to sustain long work hours

___ 6. Adaptability: The ability to be flexible and adapt to changes

___ 7. Self-confidence: The ability to be consistently decisive and display one's personal presence

___ 8. Self-objectivity: The ability to evaluate personal strengths and weaknesses and to understand one's motives and skills relative to a job

___ 9. Introspection: The ability to learn from experience, awareness, and self-study

___10. Entrepreneurism: The ability to address problems and take advantage of opportunities for constructive change


Give yourself 1 point for each S, and 1/2 point for each G. Do not give yourself points for W and U responses. Total your points and enter the result here: _____.


This assessment offers ...

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