PON Classification—APON and EPON

As of today, there are three documented types of PONs: APON/BPON, GPON, and EPON. APON means ATM over PON, BPON stands for broadband PON, GPON means gigabit PON, and EPON is called Ethernet over PON. APON and BPON are variants of each other, whereas GPON is a vendor-proposed implementation not standardized as of this writing (but it is expected to be so soon). EPON, on the other hand, is the most significant type of PON that we discuss in detail as we progress through this chapter.

APON, the voice-centric PON prominently generating revenue in networks worldwide, evolved into a network that facilitated voice-type communication. In this regard, ATM over PON was a promising approach due to its circuit-centric nature. ...

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