GPS Satellite Surveying has undergone a major revision in order to keep abreast with new developments in GNSS and yet maintain its focus on geodesy and surveying. All chapters have been reorganized in a more logical fashion. Because the GNSS systems have developed significantly since the last edition of the book, we have added new material on the GLONASS, Beidou, and Galileo systems, as well as on the ongoing modernization of GPS. A separate chapter was included on recursive least squares. Another chapter on RTK implementation was added that uses these recursive least-squares algorithms to process across-receiver observation differences and is capable of accepting observations from all GNSS systems. Examples are supported by real data processing. A third new chapter was added on GNSS user antennas. This chapter was prepared by an antenna expert to provide the necessary background information and details to allow practicing engineers to select the right antenna for a project. As to GNSS processing approaches, major new sections were added on PPP-RTK and TCAR. Six new additional appendices were added containing in-depth mathematical supplements for those readers who enjoy the mathematical rigor.

The original author of GPS Satellite Surveying, Alfred Leick, appreciates the contributions of Lev Rapoport and Dmitry Tatarnikov and most cordially welcomes these very qualified individuals as co-authors. All three of us wish to thank our families for their outstanding support throughout ...

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