Control Over the Show

All types of iPhoto slideshows run themselves, advancing from photo to photo according to the timings you’ve specified. However, you can still control a slideshow after it starts running in a number of ways. Although some of these functions are represented by icons on the control bar (see page 96), it’s nice to know that you can also trigger them from the keyboard, with or without the control bar. Your options:

  • Pause it. Press the Space bar at any point to pause a slideshow. The music keeps playing, but the photos stop advancing. If the control bar isn’t on screen, a glowing Pause indicator briefly appears in the lower portion of the picture. When you’re ready to move to the next slide and resume the auto-advancing of pictures, press Space again. A small Play indicator appears on screen momentarily to confirm that iPhoto understands your command.

  • Manual advance. Press the right or left arrow keys to advance to the next or previous photo, overriding the preset timing. In fact, once you hit either arrow key, the slideshow shifts into manual mode and stops advancing the photos altogether. A small translucent bar with arrows and a Play button appears onscreen to indicate that iPhoto is listening to your key presses.

    At this point, you can continue to use the arrow keys to move through all the photos—or stay on one photo for the rest of your life, for all iPhoto cares. As with the pause command, the music track keeps on playing. (To stop the music, you must end the ...

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