2.8. Proposed Schedule of Milestones

Most of my test plans contain a schedule for the test project's major milestones. You can extra ct these from the work-breakdown-structure, which I discussed in Chapter 1. I focus on the high-level milestones and deliverables that are visible to management. Table 2.3 provides an example of such a schedule.

Table 2.3. An Example Schedule from a Test Plan
Test Development and Configuration 
Test plan complete8/9/2004
Test lab defined8/12/2004
FMEA complete8/16/2004
Test lab configured8/26/2004
Test suite complete9/5/2004
Test Execution 
System test entry9/2/2004
Cycle 1 Complete9/16/2004
Cycle 2 Complete10/3/2004
Cycle 3 Complete10/13/2004
System test exit10/13/2004

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