Chapter 44. Making a Difference

Jill Konrath

Selling to Big Companies

"All customers care about today is price. It doesn't matter if your product (service) is better, lasts longer, or enables them to do more things. If you don't have the lowest price, you lose."

Sound familiar? I can't tell you how many times I've heard discouraged sellers say various iterations of that quote in the past couple of years.

No one likes to feel that they might as well be selling wastebas-kets or rubber bands. You hate to think your customers could care less about the quality of your products or services. That leaves you feeling empty, like you're wasting your time and your life.

If you're like most people, you want to feel good about the products or services you sell. You want to be proud of your services and capabilities. It's important to believe your product is top-notch and a great value.

Virtually every sales book on the market talks about the importance of being able to enumerate the features, advantages, and benefits of your offering. But in today's market it's just not enough.

To be successful in selling these days, it's imperative for you to go deeper—to understand the difference your product or service makes to your customer. And you must understand it from their perspective, not yours.


Use these strategies to better understand the difference your product or service makes to your customers.

  1. Situational Analysis. Use your critical thinking skills to analyze your customer's world. ...

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