Chapter 71. The 11 Biggest Sales Lies

Stephan Schiffman

Sales professionals have been making concerted effort to improve their image in these "politically correct" times. As a result, they have become more tuned in to their prospects and have developed more honest relationships with their customers. However, salespeople have not really made an effort to be more honest where it counts the most—with themselves.

The following are the 11 most common sales lies that we have seen salespeople use on themselves. These lies that they tell themselves can actually inhibit success and prevent them from achieving their sales goals:

  1. Someday I will not need to prospect. Salespeople look at veteransuccessful sales professionals and believe that once they cultivate afew big accounts, they will never have to prospect for new businessagain. This is the most dangerous sales lie. Without a steady streamof new prospects, a salesperson is putting his or her income streamin jeopardy. All that has to happen is the loss of one major account, and then the salesperson is back to square one.

    It is important for you to prospect regularly to protect your income base so that you are not reliant on the unpredictability of one or several major existing accounts for success.

  2. It's okay to lie—just a little. Not really. Lies have an interesting wayof catching up with you. Whether you are lying to your manager, acoworker, or your prospects, you will find it's really much better totell the truth—even if you risk losing an ...

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