Chapter 6. Processes and Technology

In this chapter, you will learn about . . .

  • Procesxds Planning

  • Process Analysis

  • Process Innovation

  • Technology Decisions

Processes and Technology

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CHOCOLATE IS DERIVED FROM THE CACAOTREE, native to Central and South America and transplanted long ago to the equatorial regions of Africa. The fruit of the cacao tree is a football-shaped pod which contains 20 to 40 seeds, called cacao beans, inside. The pods are harvested by hand (usually twice a year) and sliced open with machetes. The cacao beans and pulp are scooped out, heaped into piles or specially made boxes, and covered with banana leaves to ferment for three to nine days. Fermentation is complete when the white beans have turned a rich brown color. The fermented beans are placed on drying racks or bamboo mats to dry in the hot sun for approximately a week before being packed in large burlap sacks for shipment. Cacao beans are typically sold like sugar and coffee on a commodity exchange or futures market to candy manufacturers, importers, exporters, and trade companies.

Once transported to their new location, the beans follow a series of automated processes. ...

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