Chapter 18


The reporting area, or domain, is a large field unto itself. In this book, I cover the topic of reporting at a high level. Although there are a large number of potential items and issues to monitor and report on across the field of information technology (IT), I am going to focus on five distinct reports in this chapter:

1. Simple IT assessment

2. People, Process, and Technology (PPT) assessment

3. Cost assessment

4. Acquisition integration assessment

5. Red flag report

Each of these five reports addresses assessments, not optimizations. Each relates to judging as opposed to suggesting paths forward. This focus certainly does not preclude you from utilizing reports for specific optimization efforts on your own behalf; I state it merely so that you understand the manner in which this chapter is written.

The report templates covered over this chapter have been populated with some generic fictitious data and information. These templates are not based on either of the case studies in Parts Two and Three of the book.

These reports are, in my opinion, more derivatives of the work underlying the overall assessment and optimization of an IT function. In other words, these reports depend upon, and are based on, the overall assessment and optimization work. That work, as covered in the case studies, led to the generation of the IT Pillars Model (IPM) Scorecards. These templates are available for download on the book's companion web site ( ...

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