Customizing the Toolbar

You can summon or dismiss a number of individual buttons on the toolbar, in effect customizing it (Figure 19-4). It’s worth putting some thought into this tailoring, because some of these buttons’ functions are really handy. So here’s a catalog of your options:

  • Back/Forward. Click the Back button () to revisit the page you were just on. Keyboard shortcut: Delete, or ⌘-, or ⌘-[, or a two-finger swipe left on the trackpad. (On a Mighty Mouse, that’s a one-finger swipe.)

    Once you’ve clicked , you can then click the button (or press ⌘-, or ⌘-], or a two-finger swipe to the right) to return to the page you were on before you clicked the Back button. Click and hold the or button for a drop-down list of all the Web pages you’ve visited during this online session.

    That pop-up ...

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