Chapter 8. Resources and Forms

This chapter describes the forms you create in a Palm OS application. We also explain how the resources associated with these forms are created and used. We explain each type of form, describe important APIs, and then give you some programming tips where applicable. After looking at each type of form, we show you sample code in which the forms are implemented. Many of these forms are in our Sales application. Some, however, are more easily understood in smaller pieces of sample code and so we show them to you in this way.

A form without any objects would be no more interesting than a blank window. In order to make a form useful it needs to be populated with form objects, which are the subject of the following chapter. In this chapter, you learn the details of implementing forms in an application. In the next chapter, you learn any remaining form details and how to implement the objects in those forms. If it were not already obvious, these two chapters are closely related and should be read together.

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