Appendix D. Worksheets


  • SEO Plan

  • SEO Checklist

  • Four Phases of the Buying Process Worksheet

  • Keyword Worksheet

  • PPC Keyword Worksheet

  • Keyword Checklist

  • Keyword Performance Worksheet

  • A/B Testing Worksheet

  • PPC Competition Worksheet

  • Link-Tracking Worksheet

  • Rank-Tracking Worksheet

SEO Plan

Goals and Strategies


Primary goal


Secondary goal


Secondary goal


Secondary goal


Description of marketing strategy


Who are your best customers and why?


Who is your competition? (Include URLs)


What's the geographic scope of your marketing?


Web Site Design


Corporate history, news, PR, or current events?


Executive bios?


Product and service information?


Customer support/live help?


Online requests for information or contact forms?


Membership-only content?


Contact information?




Educational materials?


Links or resources?


Archived content?


Unique title tags on each page?


Meta keyword tags?


Meta description tags?




Alt tags?


Anchor text?


Links and linking strategies?


Keyword density? (Suggested 3–7 percent)


Keyword Considerations


Keyword brainstorming


Initial keyword list


Keyword research


Pay-per-click strategies


Content Considerations


Well written and reader friendly?


Keywords included in body text?


Keywords included in titles?


Keywords included in directories?


Keywords included in file names?


Keywords contained in images? (Should be avoided)


Keyword variation?


SEO Checklist

Current State

Check your rank in the major search engines.

Don't overuse or misuse rank-checking automation.

If it works, ...

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