14.3. The Key Registration Service

This section gives an overview of the Key Registration Service Specification (X-KRSS). It is just as important as the key information service. Securely entering the proper information and bindings is obviously critical to providing correct information, although storing a key binding probably occurs less often than retrieving it.

Table 14-2. XKMS Respond Strings
String Element(s) Description
KeyName xmldsig:KeyName Key name
KeyValue xmldsig:KeyValue Public key parameters
X509Cert xmldsig:X509Data X.509v3 certificate authenticating the specified key
X509Chain xmldsig:X509Data[1] X.509v3 certificate chain authenticating the specified key
X509CRL xmldsig:X509Data X.509v2 certificate revocation list
OCSP xmldsig:X509Data ...

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