The Like Economy: How Businesses Make Money with Facebook, Second Edition

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The #1 Plan for Profiting from Facebook: Now Updated with New Tools, Techniques, & Strategies!

Brian Carter’s complete, step-by-step Facebook sales and marketing plan has helped thousands of companies supercharge their online sales and profits. Now, he’s completely updated it to reflect new Facebook features and tools, share all-new examples and experiences, and deliver actionable new insights about Facebook’s users…your customers! Carter focuses on techniques proven to pay off and steers you away from expensive techniques that no longer work. You’ll discover today’s best ways to attract more prospects at lower cost, convert more of them into profitable buyers, repel “brand-bashers,” and attract fans who’ll help you sell. This is a book for doers, not talkers: entrepreneurs and marketers who want results, fast!

• Compare Facebook’s five routes to profit, and choose your best strategies
• Craft a Facebook program that reflects your unique offerings and customers
• Avoid eight key mistakes that kill Facebook profitability
• Continuously optimize your presence to reflect your experience and performance
• Sell the dream: Go beyond benefits to arouse your fans’ desires
• Attract super-affordable, targeted visitors and fans with Facebook ads
• Deepen engagement by applying new insights about Facebook users
• Improve branding, positioning, and customer service along with revenue
• Master 13 proven influence tactics for transforming casual visitors into buyers
• Employ time-tested sales tactics, including testimonials and upselling
• Build a community you can translate into profits
• Create a cost-effective B2B marketing program that works

Table of contents

  1. About This eBook
  2. Title Page
  3. Copyright Page
  4. Contents at a Glance
  5. Table of Contents
  6. About the Author
  7. Dedication
  8. Acknowledgments
  9. Want to Hear from You!
  10. Reader Services
  11. Introduction
  12. 1. The Like Effect: The Power of Positive Marketing
    1. Likes Decrease Costs and Increase Profits
    2. Likes Increase Sales
    3. Likes Give You Control of the Customer Conversation
    4. Likes Prove People Are Paying Attention
    5. Likes Solidify Loyalty
    6. Likes Create Evangelistic Customers
    7. There’s No Dislike Button
    8. Can You Do Fear-Based Marketing on Facebook?
    9. Google “Likes” the Like Button
    10. Facebook Is About Passions and Interests
    11. How Often Do Facebookers Like Things?
    12. Facebook Users Are More Trusting
    13. Facebook Groups: Off-the-Charts Positivity
    14. Facebook Page Brag Boards
    15. Easy Testimonials
    16. Emotions on Facebook Are Contagious
    17. Gross National Happiness
  13. 2. You Can’t Tell a Facebook by its Cover: The Case for Facebook Marketing
    1. Why Facebook Marketing Is So Important
    2. Myths and Misconceptions About Facebook for Business
    3. Some Businesses Profit on Facebook, and Some Don’t
    4. Facebook’s Strengths: Advantages for Your Business
  14. 3. FaceFirst: How Facebook Fits into Your Business and Other Marketing Efforts
    1. How Is Social Media Supposedly Changing Business?
    2. Evaluating Social Media Experts
    3. What Businesses That Profit from Facebook Do
    4. How Do You Synch Up Your Other Marketing Efforts with Your Facebook Campaigns?
  15. 4. FaceBucks: Five Ways Businesses Achieve Profits with Facebook
    1. How Facebook Advertising Helps All Five Revenue Models
    2. Should You Try Facebook Marketing Without Fans First?
    3. Five Facebook Revenue Strategies
  16. 5. How Not to Fall on Your Face: Eight Mistakes That Block Facebook Profitability
    1. 1. Is Your Business Viable Online? Is Profitability Likely?
    2. 2. Do You Have the Facts? Are You Looking at Them?
    3. 3. Are You Making It Easy for Them to Buy?
    4. 4. Are You Making Them Care?
    5. 5. Do You Have the Right Fans?
    6. 6. Are You Reaching Enough of Them?
    7. 7. Are You Reaching Them Repeatedly?
    8. 8. Are You Warming Them Up?
  17. 6. Facing the Facts: How to Continuously Get Better Results with the Five Steps of Optimization
    1. How Digital Marketing Is Shifting Marketing Cultures
    2. The Five Steps of Optimization
    3. Step One: Establish One Clear Goal
    4. Step Two: Quantify the Goal with a Key Metric
    5. Step Three: Look at Where You’re Starting
    6. Step Four: Choose Tactics to Test
    7. Step Five: Optimize Based on Results
  18. 7. Selling the Dream: Going Beyond Benefits to Arouse Your Fans’ Desire for What You Offer
    1. Cure the “Me Me Me” Epidemic
    2. Do Pushy Sales Messages Turn People Off?
    3. Sales Is a Journey of Four Steps
    4. How to “Sell the Dream”
  19. 8. Putting Your Best Face Forward: Setting Up Your Facebook Page to Get More Fans and Sales
    1. Pages, Groups, and Profiles: The Mad, Mad World of Facebook
    2. Are Custom Tabs Overhyped?
  20. 9. The Face of Advertising: How to Capitalize on the Most Powerful Marketing Tool
    1. Why Facebook Advertising Is Critically Important
    2. How to Do Facebook Advertising
    3. Advertising to Existing Fans
    4. How to Be a (Boring) Rock Star for Just $30 per Month
  21. 10. FaceHook: Capturing Qualified Prospects as Fans and Group Members
    1. Why Fan Marketing Can Be So Profitable
    2. Unwise Ways to Get Fans
    3. Marketing 101: Targeting and Return on Investment
    4. Wrong Fans? Bad Return on Investment
    5. A Few Fan Growth Campaign Case Studies
    6. How to Get Low Cost, Targeted Fans
    7. Notes on Business-to-Business Fan Acquisition
  22. 11. Talking Till You’re Blue in the Face: How to Get More Likes and Comments
    1. The Surprising Truth About How People Use Facebook
    2. Your Fans See the People and Pages They Interact With
    3. The Average Page’s Posts Are Seen by Less Than 10% of Its Fans
    4. The Mysterious EdgeRank Algorithm
    5. Post Metrics and Benchmarks
    6. Dancing on the EdgeRank: Increasing Response and Visibility
    7. Balancing Engagement and Selling Types of Posts
  23. 12. FaceMessage: Achieving Other Corporate Goals on Facebook
    1. Nonrevenue-Oriented Facebook Goals
  24. 13. Face-alytics: Analyzing Your Facebook Results
    1. Which Web Analytics Package Should You Use?
    2. Google Analytics Overview
    3. Take Analytics with a Grain of Salt
    4. Tracking Facebook Visitors with Google Analytics
    5. How to Get Advanced Facebook Page Insights
    6. Competitive Intelligence Analytics
  25. 14. Influence: 13 Tactics for Turning Browsers into Buyers
    1. Sales and Influence Tactics for Increased Facebook Profits
    2. Applying Influence Principles to Facebook Marketing
    3. Applying Time-Tested Sales Tactics to Facebook Marketing
  26. 15. B2B Facebook Marketing
    1. Facebook B2B Marketing Success Stories
    2. Comparing Facebook, Google & LinkedIn for B2B
    3. Facebook B2B Marketing Tactics
  27. 16. FaceBusiness: Seven Principles for Success
    1. Harness the Power of Positive Marketing
    2. Embrace the Entire Sales Funnel
    3. Leverage the Facebook Advertising Platform Now
    4. Map Out and Optimize Your Revenue Model
    5. Know Your Customers Much More Deeply
    6. Test, Track, and Optimize Your Marketing
    7. Start Fascinating Conversations
  28. Index

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  • Title: The Like Economy: How Businesses Make Money with Facebook, Second Edition
  • Author(s):
  • Release date: August 2013
  • Publisher(s): Que
  • ISBN: 9780133434149