Finalizing the Design

There are important decisions to be made at the very beginning—whether you’re building a go-cart or starting a business. In Chapter Three, I laid out the six strategic choices that will become the foundation of your business plan:

1. Which industry to get into (And when making this choice, I warned you not to fall prey to the conceit of outside knowledge.)
2. Which product to sell
3. How to add value to your product
4. How to market your product
5. How to come up with the right offer
6. How to get your marketing copy written

Getting Started

Chapter Four was all about putting your idea into motion—taking action. And I gave you three small action steps that you could take immediately:

1. Find a time-management system that will work for you. Getting a side business started will take a lot of hours. You’re already working a full-time job … so you have to have a system in place to free up the time you’re going to need and keep you on track.
2. Figure out how you’re going to finance your business. It’s never too early to start looking for ways to fund your startup. And I gave you three options to consider.
3. Start learning the ropes—preferably with the help of someone who’s already been successful at doing what you want to do.

At this point, you have a solid strategy for moving forward.

Assembling the Parts You’re Going to Need

Next, we gathered together the people who will be helping you build, operate, and grow your ...

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