Chapter 12The Unfathomable Power of Example

Example is not the main thing in influencing others. It is the only thing.

—Albert Schweitzer (AZ Quotes 2017)

Example Is a Very Big Deal

I am convinced that most people have no idea of how powerful their example is to others—not just in what they say or do, but also by what they don't say or don't do. The power of your example is unfathomable. The sooner you understand that, the sooner you will start holding yourself to a higher standard of thinking and behaving that is in alignment with living at unstoppable game changer status.

Grace Made Man

In the same December 5, 2015, meeting with the Hoosiers where I first met the unblinking Yogi Ferrell sat his friend, roommate, and teammate Troy Williams, a then junior with National Basketball Association (NBA) aspirations and abilities. Williams's experience is another incredible story of an undrafted player who fought his way to an NBA roster spot with the Houston Rockets. In my talk to the team that day, I mentioned how at their age I was living in a furniture-less house with rats, and shared principles for working one's way out of tough spots. I talked about the contrast between then and now, and how after my life started to gain positive financial traction, all my WHY goals prioritized the material; but then I explained how that evolved to a more external WHY that included the starting of a nonprofit foundation that helps feed more than 400 orphans daily. I mentioned that, over ...

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