Appendix B

Syntax Reference

This section gives the syntax of the main synthesis structures introduced throughout the book. It only covers the synthesis subset, not the whole language, and it excludes structures used for test benches.

B.1 Keywords

The following are the keywords in VHDL. Since these are reserved words, they cannot be used as names of signals, variables, functions or design units. In addition to this set of keywords, you should not use the name work as the name of a library.

abs access after alias all and architecture array assert assume

assume_guarantee attribute

begin block body buffer bus

case component configuration constant context cover

default disconnect downto

else elsif end entity exit

fairness file for force function

generate generic group guarded

if impure in inertial inout is

label library linkage literal loop

map mod

nand new next nor not null

of on open or others out

package parameter port postponed procedure process property pro

tected pure

range record register reject release rem report restrict

restrict_guarantee return rol ror

select sequence severity shared signal sla sll sra srl strong

subtype then to transport type

unaffected units until use

variable vmode vprop vunit

wait when while with

xnor xor

B.2 Design Units

All design units can be preceded by context items:

context ::= { use_clause | library_clause | context_clause }

use_clause ::= use selected_name { , selected_name } ;

library_clause ::= library identifier { , identifier } ;

context_clause ...

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