Chapter 3

Configuring Operating System Security


Bullet Examining User Account Control and what it can do for you

Bullet Administering user passwords in Windows Server 2019

Bullet Understanding and configuring Credential Guard

Bullet Configuring the startup and recovery options in Windows Server

Windows Server 2019 provides multiple built-in security mechanisms that allow you to better secure your system for no extra cost past that of the server OS license.

In this chapter, you learn about some of these built-in mechanisms — how they work and how to take advantage of them.

Understanding and Using User Account Control

You can’t have a discussion about Windows internal security without a discussion of User Account Control (UAC). Love it or hate it, it serves a purpose.

Using User Account Control to protect the server

If you’ve worked with Windows operating systems at all, you’ve no doubt been prompted that something is trying to install. You’ve most likely received a screen similar to Figure 3-1, rolled your eyes, and allowed it. This interruption is annoying when you’re trying to install something, ...

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