60-Minute CEO: Mastering Leadership an Hour at a Time

Book description

Looking toward the C-suite? Take heed. Author and serial CEO Dick Cross pulls back the curtain on this top leadership role, explaining in his new book that being a successful leader, running a business, and doing it extraordinarily well isn’t a full-time job.

How do you successfully lead and run a business? The answer may surprise you. Cross suggests that the most important, and often overlooked, duty for a CEO is thinking about how to improve his or her business and how to be a leader. In 60-Minute CEO, Cross explains that the essential elements of the CEO role can be accomplished in several 60-minute sessions every week. Executives may fill their time with other tasks, but leading and running a company requires explicit skills different from those needed for any other corporate position.

The good news is that those skills are easy to learn, fun to do, and not time-consuming. In an entertaining style, Cross offers executives the fast track to the top leadership position, focusing on two aspects: thinking and character. And while 60 minutes may seem like a quick fix, as Cross sees it, three 60-minute sessions a week devoted solely to considering your business and your role as leader are crucial to business and leadership success—and the payoff is proven.

In 60-Minute CEO, Dick Cross brings over 25 years of experience of transforming companies in various stages of underperformance into industry powerhouses. Cross combines his knowledge and experience with the stories and lessons of preeminent leaders and thinkers including General George Patton and Seattle Seahawks quarterback Russell Wilson.

Table of contents

  1. Cover
  2. Title Page
  3. Copyright
  4. Dedication
  5. Contents
  6. Acknowledgments
  7. Prepare the Cabin for Takeoff
  8. Chapter 1 Unmasking the Myth
  9. Chapter 2 Softening Up the Beachhead
  10. Chapter 3 The Big Idea
  11. Chapter 4 60 Minutes … Really?
  12. Climbing Through 10,000 Feet
  13. Chapter 5 Thinking … About What?
  14. Chapter 6 Chameleon at the Top
  15. Chapter 7 Your Big Picture on the Back of an Envelope
  16. Chapter 8 What Your Customers Want … Right Now!
  17. Chapter 9 It’s Not Your Products Anymore
  18. Chapter 10 Mission-Driven Business
  19. Chapter 11 Establishing Loyalty
  20. Chapter 12 Revelation: The Answers Aren’t in the Numbers
  21. Chapter 13 The Magic of Renewal
  22. Chapter 14 Kill Your Culture
  23. Chapter 15 Eastern Versus Western Medicine for Business
  24. Chapter 16 Activity Beats Execution
  25. Chapter 17 Your Goggles for Greatness
  26. Chapter 18 Strategy and Execution
  27. Chapter 19 The Team Trap
  28. Chapter 20 To Tweet or Not to Tweet
  29. Chapter 21 Bad Goals
  30. Chapter 22 Continuous Turnaround
  31. The Captain Has Turned Off the Seatbelt Sign
  32. Chapter 23 Accelerant for Your Thinking
  33. Chapter 24 Authenticity
  34. Chapter 25 Leadership Is an “Inside Job”
  35. Chapter 26 Humility Not Hubris
  36. Chapter 27 Moments of Truth
  37. Chapter 28 Thermonuclear Influence
  38. Chapter 29 Flip the Pyramid
  39. Chapter 30 The Last to Know
  40. Chapter 31 Volunteers Versus Employees
  41. Chapter 32 Duty Versus Responsibility
  42. Chapter 33 Go for Broke
  43. Chapter 34 Your Uber Weapon—Emulation!
  44. Chapter 35 Be the Lore
  45. Touchdown
  46. Chapter 36 The “L” Word
  47. Chapter 37 Trust
  48. Index
  49. About the Author

Product information

  • Title: 60-Minute CEO: Mastering Leadership an Hour at a Time
  • Author(s):
  • Release date: April 2014
  • Publisher(s): Bibliomotion
  • ISBN: 9781629560090