Advances in Enterprise
Information Systems II
an informa business
Charles Møller and Sohail Chaudhry
For many years now Enterprise Information Systems have been critical in
helping businesses successfully navigate the global market. The development
that started with design and implementation of integrated systems has evolved
to incorporate a multitude of perspectives and ideas. The Enterprise Information
Systems functionality extends from principally an ERP (Enterprise Resource
Planning) system to a portfolio of standard systems including CRM (Customer
Relationship Management) systems and SCM (Supply Chain Management)
Advances in Enterprise Information Systems II is divided into seven
thematic sections, each exploring a distinct topic. In “Concepts in Enterprise
Information Systems” the authors present new concepts and ideas for the field.
“Cases in Enterprise Information Systems” introduces studies of enterprise
information systems in an organizational context. “Business Process
Management” is one of the major themes within enterprise information
systems and “Designing Enterprise Information Systems” discusses new
approaches to the design of processes and system and also deals with how
design can be taken as a specific perspective. “Enterprise Information Systems
in various domains” features generic studies that contribute to advancing the
practical knowledge of the field as well as towards “Global issues of Enterprise
Information Systems”. Finally, in “Emerging Topics in Enterprise Information
Systems”, new technologies and ideas are explored. Cloud computing in
particular seems to be setting the agenda for future research in enterprise
information systems. The book will be invaluable to academics and professionals
interested in recent developments in the field of enterprise information systems.
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