TlbImp.exe — Type Library Importer


tlbimp file[\resourceid] [options]


Creates a managed assembly from the supplied COM typelib, mapping the type definitions to .NET types. You need to import this new assembly into your C# program for use.


tlbimp /out:MyOldCom.dll MyCom.tlb


/?, /help

Displays usage information and exits.

/asmversion: version

Specifies the generated assembly’s version in format (such as 6.0.2600.0).


Partially signs the generated assembly. Requires /keycontainer, /keyfile, or /publickey.

/keycontainer: name

Specifies a key container that contains the key-pair with which to sign the assembly.

/keyfile: file

Specifies the name of the file that contains the key or key-pair with which to sign the assembly.

/namespace: namespace

Specifies the namespace of the generated assembly.


Suppresses display of the banner and copyright messages.

/out: file

Specifies the filename of the generated assembly.


Generates a primary interop assembly.

/publickey: file

Specifies a file that contains a public key with which to sign the assembly. To create such a file, use the -p option of the Sn.exe utility.

/reference: file

Specifies an assembly that contains external type definitions.


Suppresses display of success messages.


Causes TlbImp.exe to fail if it cannot resolve all references within the imported file or an assembly listed with the /reference option.


Imports COM SAFEARRAYs ...

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