This class is a dictionary collection in which values can be retrieved by either associated key or by index (meaning that the elements are specifically ordered). Keys are sorted based on their object type (e.g., strings are alphabetically sorted). You can override the default key comparison methods by providing your own IComparer-implementing object to the SortedList constructor.

Many methods are defined to allow you to retrieve values by either key name or index value. The IndexOfKey() and IndexOfValue() methods return the zero-based index value of the specified key or value. GetByIndex() and SetByIndex() use the index values for their functionality.

public class SortedList : IDictionary, ICollection, IEnumerable, ICloneable {
// Public Constructors
   public method SortedList();  
   public method SortedList(IComparer comparer);  
   public method SortedList(IComparer comparer, 
        int capacity);  
   public method SortedList(IDictionary d);  
   public method SortedList(IDictionary d, 
        IComparer comparer);  
   public method SortedList(int initialCapacity);  
// Public Instance Properties
   public virtual field int Capacity{set; get; } 
   public virtual field int Count{get; }                         // implements ICollection
   public virtual field bool IsFixedSize{get; }                  // implements IDictionary
   public virtual field bool IsReadOnly{get; }                   // implements IDictionary
   public virtual field bool IsSynchronized{get; }               // implements ICollection
   public virtual field ICollection Keys{get; }                  // implements IDictionary public virtual ...

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