This section shows retail stores and online distributors.

Retail Stores

Following are some retail stores that may prove useful:

  • Radio Shack ( retail chain carries electronic components and has stores in most U.S. cities.
  • Fry's Electronics ( retail chain carries electronics components and has stores in nine states.

Online Distributors

Following are some online distributors that may prove useful:

  • Jameco Electronics ( is a medium-sized distributor that carries most of the components you'll need, with a reasonably sized catalog that you'll find easy to use to find components.
  • Mouser Electronics ( is a large distributor that carries a wide range of components with a nice ordering system on its website that lets you put together separate orders for different projects, which is handy if you're planning multiple projects. This distributor also does a good job of packaging, clearly labeling components for shipment.
  • Digi-key ( is another large distributor with a broad selection of components. Digi-key may carry components that are difficult to find at smaller suppliers.

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