Chapter 6

Knowing Your Data


Bullet Managing the selection and collection of data effectively

Bullet Examining and documenting the data

Bullet Enhancing your understanding of the data by using an explorative approach

Bullet Analyzing and rating data quality

Approaching your data strategy in the right way is fundamental for you to secure a stable foundation for the rest of your data science investment. And it's not just about securing the integrity in the data; you also need to make sure that the data types you choose for your business objectives are the right ones and are selected for the right reasons. For that to happen, you need to understand the data you're targeting. To gain that understanding, you have to successfully work four main steps: Select data, describe data, explore data, and assess data quality.

Selecting Your Data

Data selection is the process of determining the appropriate data type and source — as well as the suitable methods — to collect data. Data selection precedes the actual task of data collection.

The main objective of data selection is to determine the appropriate ...

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