Chapter 21

Engaging Differently with Your Customers


Bullet Getting to know your customers better

Bullet Ensuring satisfied customers

Bullet Improving efficiency in customer services

Because humans everywhere now live in the age of the customer, it’s time to clarify what the term customer experience management (CEM) really means. It may help, however, to first see what it is not. CEM is not about collecting feedback, responding to feedback, or tracking that tried-and-true metric of customer loyalty, your Net Promoter Score. None of these actions individually represents CEM. Instead, you could say that CEM refers to the complete philosophy and methodology that makes your business delightful to work with for your customers. In this chapter, I want to show you how an effective data strategy can guide you to a better and more insightful approach to your customers.

Understanding Your Customers

Optimizing the customer experience is a great way to attract new customers, but it’s also one of the best ways to foster customer loyalty to retain the ones you already have.

Despite this benefit, marketers and other organizational leaders alike often neglect the customer before and after the sale. ...

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