Chapter 23

Handling New Delivery Models


Bullet Explaining the concept of delivery models for data products and services

Bullet Exploring new delivery models

Bullet Listing ways of delivering data products and services

Maybe you already have a pretty good idea about what data science means in your line of business, regarding both its challenges and potential. You might even have started to work through the different aspects of your own data science strategy, based on your business idea. Or, perhaps you’re already constructing a full-scale data-driven business model and getting close to execution. No matter how far you have come, or if you have not even started, if you haven’t thought through how you intend to deliver your new data products and services, you have left out a vital strategic aspect from your plans.

Warning Delivery models might seem like something that you can solve later, thinking that once you get started, you'll figure it out. But make no mistake, it’s important to think through this aspect of your business model early on. How you intend to deliver — or might be forced to deliver, ...

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