Chapter 11

Approaching a Data Science Organizational Setup


Bullet Describing different ways to organize data science

Bullet Assessing a center of excellence

Bullet Implementing a common function for data science

The power of the data revolution remains strong, and companies of various sizes are actively building and expanding their data science teams in a variety of ways. Companies realize that they must be able to use data to improve decision-making and operational efficiency, but they also see that they must have the capacity to create new products and processes based on data-driven insights. In order to do so, companies must embed at the corporate level the necessary organizational and cultural changes it will take to succeed.

The organizational structure needed for the data science team varies based on the size of the company, the number of different business functions there are, the geographical distribution, the company culture, and other similar aspects. However, there are some common factors to consider when integrating data scientists into a larger data-driven organization. This chapter takes a look at these factors.

Finding the Right Organizational Design

To figure out the ...

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