Chapter 9

Evolving from Data-driven to Machine-driven


Bullet Embarking on the road of digitization

Bullet Executing the data-driven approach

Bullet Making operations more efficient through automation

Bullet Realizing the full value of being machine driven

To be driven by data and to be driven by a machine are not the same things. You can call them related states in data science, if you want, but they definitely exist at different stages of maturity. Being data-driven above all else refers to the idea that any progress in an activity is bound by data rather than by intuition or personal experience. Being machine driven, on the other hand, refers not to the boundaries of an activity, but rather to how that activity is carried out — more specifically, that it is an activity connected, automated, and controlled by a machine and its implementation of a certain model or algorithm. Machine driven is the final stage of industrializing and automating data science from end to end, driven by the designed intelligence of the machine.

Today, few companies and organizations are at a stage where they can ...

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