Chapter 24

Ten Reasons to Develop a Data Science Strategy


Bullet Creating an excellent base for all levels of communication

Bullet Understanding why it’s all about making choices

Bullet Realizing what needs to be considered early on

Bullet Aligning views and realizing objectives

This book spells out many of the challenges you'll face when embarking on a data science journey within your company. It emphasizes what is fundamental and what not to forget, but it also points out areas of specific interest and choices of specific importance. One thing it hasn't done (yet) is make the argument for why it’s vital for you to develop and document all your strategic ambitions into a data science strategy. That is what this chapter is all about. Enjoy!

Expanding Your View on Data Science

Taking the time to develop a data science strategy is crucial. It forces you to learn more about what data science really is before you start investing and making important choices. Having a strategy in place lowers the risk of missing vital steps and considerations along the way.

Though data science is a blend of different ...

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