Chapter 8: Shooting Indoors


Photographing indoor weddings requires some specialized equipment as well as a lot of knowledge about how an indoor ceremony works. Topics I cover in this chapter include how to set up your lights, how to avoid reflection, and how to choose locations that will make a good background for family group shots. I discuss reflections in detail because they are a constant threat to your indoor images, and you need to know why they happen and how to avoid them if you want to be successful shooting indoors.

Choosing the Right Equipment

Depending on the type of images you shoot, indoor weddings may require a bit more specialized equipment than outdoor weddings. The majority of your camera equipment remains the same, but very few churches or other indoor locations will be well lit, so you will frequently find yourself needing a tripod; and if you don't have fast lenses, you may also need to supply your own light sources. No matter what your style of shooting is, you will almost always need to use extra light sources for the family group shots at an indoor wedding. However, regardless of how large or small, or bright or dark, the venue may be, most photojournalistic-style photographers, and many portrait journalists, will bring no more lighting equipment than the standard on-camera flash because it captures the true character of the location regardless of what ...

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