Chapter 13: Creating Your Own Workspace


The modern digital wedding photographer has a lot of freedom when designing a workspace. There is no requirement that you own or rent a studio space unless you also do other types of photography that require it. Many very successful wedding photographers operate out of a small office space or a spare bedroom in their home. Destination wedding photographers can even manage to run an entire business with no more than a laptop computer and a wireless connection. The days of elaborate studio and gallery setups are not gone; they've just become a choice.

By its very nature, wedding photography takes place on location. However, contrary to what you might imagine, the majority of a wedding photographer's job is not spent shooting pictures. In fact, the vast majority of a wedding photographer's workweek is spent sitting in front of a computer editing images, answering e-mail, talking on the phone, burning discs, and creating albums. The space needed to perform these tasks may be as small and unassuming as a spare bedroom, and will not affect the style or the quality of the final product. In this chapter I look at options for the physical space where you will work on a day-to-day basis, as well as the different types of equipment and software you will need to run a successful photography business.

Workspace Options

In general, you can create a workspace ...

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