Chapter 19: Destination Weddings


By some estimates, as many as 10 percent of all weddings take place outside of the couple's home area, and many of those are even out of the couple's home country. This small but growing segment of the wedding population is not just made up of the wealthiest of clients as you might expect. Some couples actually choose a destination wedding to save money. Others plan a wedding abroad because they want a small wedding with perhaps only a few guests or none at all. In any case, they certainly don't want to miss out on the unique photo opportunities this sort of wedding presents. In fact, the extra work and money these couples often put into making the event unique seems to make them that much more concerned with finding just the right photographer to preserve the event in a way they will enjoy sharing with all of their friends back home.

The very nature of a destination wedding requires travel to get to the event, so when a couple starts looking for a photographer, it really doesn't matter if that photographer lives just down the street from them or on another continent. This fact, combined with the worldwide shopping potential of the Internet, opens up the search for photographers to include a large portion of the globe.

Destination wedding couples are usually computer-savvy people who typically feel comfortable functioning in a high-tech world. ...

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