Chapter 11: Creating Romance in the Magic Hour


For thousands of years artists have been trying to capture or create images that portray “romance.” Photographers, painters, and sculptors alike have all struggled with the same question, “What does romance look like?” For that matter, what is romance? We have romance novels, romance languages, romantic music, and even romantic places. You can have a childhood romance, you can have a romantic encounter, and an old car can even have a certain romance about it. However, none of that really tells us what romance is.

Like beauty, romance is an elusive trait that can only be judged in the eyes of the beholder. Every person knows it when he or she sees it, yet no two viewers see it in the same place. Teaching someone how to create an image that can't be fully described is a daunting task — especially in light of the fact that everyone's perception of romance is different. I may be attempting the impossible in this chapter, but the best I can do is explain a few of the techniques and thought processes that I use when creating my own version of romantic images. As you read through this chapter, bear in mind that this is one of the areas of wedding photography that is most open to individual interpretation; and as such, your own personal version of romantic images will become a unique aspect of your work that draws in your customers.

Choosing ...

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