Integration Tools

Developers rarely use CVS in isolation. The tools described in this section coordinate CVS with other programs. Some integrate CVS into IDEs; others are used in separate windows but ensure CVS can manage an IDE’s files properly.


abCVS is a plugin for CodeWarrior that allows you to use CVS without leaving the CodeWarrior IDE. It requires CodeWarrior and a command-line CVS implementation such as CVSNT (explained in Appendix B). The developers of abCVS also recommend that you have a CVS client such as WinCVS.

abCVS implements the update, commit, add, remove, edit, log, status, and diff commands. Most commands can run on a single file, or they can run recursively down a directory tree. abCVS is still in an early stage of development.

abCVS is available from


Anjuta is an IDE for the Linux and Unix operating systems that relies on the Gnome libraries. It supports more than a dozen languages (including C/C++, Java, Python, Perl, and ADA) and provides an integrated debugging facility, syntax highlighting, context-sensitive help, and support for autoconf and automake.

Anjuta provides simple, clean access to CVS commands on files in CVS sandboxes, including an intuitive interface to cvs diff. Anjuta is available from


BBEdit is an HTML and text editor for the Macintosh. Version 7 for OS X includes an integrated CVS client that supports multiple repositories. BBEdit is available from ...

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