Project administrators should be aware of the CVS commands described in Chapter 3 and Chapter 5. You may also want to read Chapter 4 and Chapter 6.

In addition to the commands described in those chapters, there are two commands that are particularly useful to project administrators: cvs admin and cvs history. cvs admin allows you to use RCS-like commands on files stored in the repository. cvs history provides a record of the actions performed on a project’s files and is similar to cvs log or cvs annotate.

The cvs admin Command

The cvs admin command is used to edit the RCS files directly in the repository. It is more accurately thought of as a set of commands than a single command, as it provides many of the commands that RCS would make available, though not all of these commands are usable or have an effect that matters to CVS. These commands are present mostly for historic reasons and backward compatibility with early versions of CVS.

If there is a system group called cvsadmin on the repository server, only users in that group can use the cvs admin command. If this group does not exist, any user can use the cvs admin commands on any repository files they have permission to change. Consider using the cvsadmin system group, as some of the cvs admin commands can prevent CVS from using the affected file or files.


There is a new option in the config file of CVS 1.12.1 and later. The UserAdminCommands option allows the system administrator to set cvs admin options that users ...

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