Distribution Tools

Often, you may want to develop a CVS project and publish the files for display or download. You can publish the resulting files with a build script or a script in one of the CVSROOT files. Alternatively, you can use one of the tools in this section, all of which display CVS project files.

Some of the tools in this section display the repository; others export files from the repository for publication. Some retrieve the difference between the revision they have and the latest revision in the repository, then patch the revision they have and display the final files.


Chora provides the ability to view or download the files in a CVS repository using a web browser. It integrates with the other web tools available at http://www.horde.org. The CVS integration is stored in a single library, so you can customize the rest of the display.

In file mode, every revision of a file is displayed along with log messages and you also have the ability to display the differences between revisions. File mode also offers a color-coded branch view.

Chora is available from http://www.horde.org/chora/.


CVSup is a tool for distributing files across a network. It can be used with most file types and understands CVS project files. If desired, it can use zlib compression to reduce network load.

If CVSup is working from CVS files, it distributes the differences rather than the files as a whole, saving bandwidth and minimizing the network load. It also understands tags and distributes ...

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