Logging Tools

CVS log messages often contain useful information for project managers, programmers, and other CVS users. There are many tools that manipulate log messages, including tools to create a change log automatically, mail log messages, and change the format of log messages. These tools are most useful if you and your development team enter meaningful log messages.


CHalogen is a change-log generator that relies on the CVS project files being tagged at each significant stage of the project. It generates a change log that displays the changes between tag points. The generated change log is in HTML format.

CHalogen can run as a CGIscript or from the command line.

CHalogen is available from http://www.softwarebee.de/products/chalogen/.


clmerge is a script that merges conflicts in a GNU-style change log. The change log is sent to the standard output, so the script output should usually be redirected to a file. This script is useful as a postprocessor to change log generation programs.

clmerge is available from the contrib directory in the CVS source code.

commit_prep and log_accum

These scripts are designed to work together. commit_prep ensures that the Id keyword is present in the file and checks the version number of the keyword. It prevents older revisions from being copied into the sandbox and replacing an existing revision. It also records information for log_accum .

log_accum consolidates the log messages from a single commit of multiple directories and mails ...

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