Essentials of Services Marketing, Second Edition

Book description

Make it easy for students to understand: Clear, Simple Language and Visual Learning Aids

The authors use simple English and short sentences to help students grasp concepts more easily and quickly. The text consists of full-colored learning cues, graphics, and diagrams to capture student attention and help them visualize concepts.

Know Your ESM presents quick review questions designed to help students consolidate their understanding of key chapter concepts.

Make it easy for students to relate: Cases and Examples written with a Global Outlook

The first edition global outlook is retained by having an even spread of familiar cases and examples from the world’s major regions: 40% from American, 30% from Asia and 30% from Europe.

Help students see how various concepts fit into the big picture: Revised Framework

An improved framework characterized by stronger chapter integration as well as tighter presentation and structure.

Help instructors to prepare for lessons: Enhanced Instructor Supplements

  • Instructor’s Manual: Contain additional individual and group class activities. It also contains chapter-by-chapter teaching suggestions.

  • Powerpoint Slides: Slides will feature example-based teaching using many examples and step-by-step application cases to teach and illustrate chapter concepts.

  • Test Bank: Updated Test Bank that is Test Gen compatible.

  • Video Bank: Corporate videos and advertisements help link concept to application. Videos will also come with teaching notes and/or a list of questions for students to answer.

  • Case Bank: Cases can be in PDF format available for download as an Instructor Resource.

  • Product information

    • Title: Essentials of Services Marketing, Second Edition
    • Author(s): Jochen Wirtz, Patricia Chew, Christopher Lovelock
    • Release date: October 2012
    • Publisher(s): Pearson
    • ISBN: 9780133359008