Chapter 2. Keeping Up with the Joneses

In This Practice

  • Finding other podcasts on podcast directories

  • Knowing where — and how — to search

  • Staying abreast of new content while staying afloat

  • Remembering the world outside your computer

There is an old adage worthy of modification to make it relevant to the podosphere: People listen to other podcasts more than they listen to yours. That's because a lot of podcasts are out there clamoring for attention, and it's highly likely that your listeners are listening to many of them. It's a prudent podcaster who understands the playing field and has at the least a passing knowledge of the other podcasts in the game.

But in a world of over 100,000 video and audio podcasts, it's simply not practical to try and listen to all of them, though many poor souls make a valiant effort. In this practice, we not only give you some practical tips on searching and finding podcasts relevant to your needs, but also show you some simple ways to keep your head above water when the flood of shows starts coming in.

Watching Podcast Directories

Podcast directories are probably the easiest place to get started in your search to find other shows with content similar to yours. Directories serve not only to aggregate content but also to categorize the shows listed — making it easy to sample many related shows in one sitting. True, there may be many more shows of a similar nature out there that have not been collected by a directory, but we'll get to that in a minute. For now, ...

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