Chapter 12. Creating a Quiet, Happy Place

In This Practice

  • Exploring sources of unwanted noise

  • A podcaster's Feng Shui

  • Finding the quietest time to record

  • Waiting for unwanted noise to subside

Podcasting is all about the moment, about the spontaneity of life, and about the world around us. Ambient noise, particularly in soundseeing tours, is not only welcome but also encouraged. Podcasters set out with every episode to capture a slice of life or give the audience a peek at their lifestyle or environment, if the show is more formal in nature. Podcasts about writing continue their discussion of worldbuilding or character development as birds chirp or dogs bark happily in the backyard. Cooking podcasts press on in their recipes as the radio plays softly in the background. The ambient noise bleeding into a podcast becomes less of a distraction and more of an added dimension to your production.

Atmosphere like this works for some podcasts, but not for all. Ambient noise is generally unwelcome in, say, podiobooks, formal business presentations, and news reports. The content in podcasts like these would lose some of its momentum and impact if distractions — such as the garbage truck, the neighbor's kids playing in the sprinkler, or a lawnmower — make it into the recording.

So now you take on one of the biggest challenges for podcasters — controlling the sound that comes into your home studio. Piece of cake, right?

Well, you can't make batter without breaking a few eggs first….

Common Sources of ...

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