Google News

Reading the latest news across myriad sources using Google News.

We’ve all been a little spoiled by Google. It seems like whenever they release something, we expect it to be super cool immediately.

Alas, Google News is cool, but it isn’t the greatest news tool in my opinion. It’s barely in my top three for getting news off the Internet. To be fair to Google, though, News Search is, at this writing, still in beta.

The search form functions like Google web search—all searches are default AND. Search results group like news stories into clusters, providing title, source, date, and a brief summary (the link to the full story is included in the title). The only option beyond that searchers have is to sort their searches by relevance or date; there is no advanced search. The sort option appears on the right of the results page as you search.

Special Syntaxes

Google’s News Search supports two special syntaxes.


Finds words in an article headline.


Finds articles from a particular source. Unfortunately, Google News does not offer a list of its over 4,000 sources so you have to guess a little when you’re looking around.


Making the Most of Google News

The best thing about Google News is its clustering capabilities. On an ordinary news search engine, a breaking news story can overwhelm search results. For example, in late July 2002, a story broke that hormone replacement therapy might increase the risk of cancer. Suddenly using a news ...

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