Feeling Really Lucky

Take the domain in which the first result of a query appears, and do more searching within that domain.

Does Google make you feel lucky Section 1.4? How lucky? Sometimes as lucky as the top result is, more results from the same domain are just as much so.

This hack performs two Google queries. The domain of the top result of the first search is saved. Then the second query is run, searching only the saved domain for results.

Take, for example, Grace Hopper, famous both as a computer programmer and as the person who coined the term “computer bug.” If you were to run a search result with "Grace Hopper" as the primary search and overlay a search for COBOL on the domain of the first result returned, you’d find three pages for the Grace Hopper Conference 2000:

Grace Hopper Conference 2000 - Biography
... The Murrays were a family with a long military
Grace Hopper's ... language instructions led ultimately
to the
development of the business language COBOL ...
... publication, please contact me by email at:
... and were important in its history, like Admiral
Grace Hopper,
the inventor of the COBOL ...
Grace Hopper
... Hopper was a programmer on the world's first
digital computer, Mark ... the first computer language
and she worked on the development of COBOL ...

You could also do a ...

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