Core Duo/Solo

The successor to the Pentium M (almost as widely known in computing circles by its code name, Yonah, as by its official name, Core Duo/Solo) builds on the Pentium M’s microarchitecture and brings it to new levels of performance and power efficiency (see Table 12-2). However, Core Duo is mainly an evolutionary, transitional design that sits between the Pentium M and the more radically improved Core 2 Duo described in the next major section of this chapter. This section will briefly cover the major ways that Core Duo improves on the Pentium M before moving on to the next section’s more detailed coverage of Core 2 Duo.

Table 12-2. Features of the Core Solo/Duo

Introduction Date

January 5, 2006


65 nanometer

Transistor Count

151 million ...

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