428 IBM Application Development Tools for z/OS and OS/390
You can check the value you entered by switching to hexadecimal presentation:
enter the command HEX ON and press Enter. The data are displayed as shown
in Figure 14-19.
Figure 14-19 Hexadecimal edition
14.3 Summary of Scenario 3
In this chapter we described the various components that make up the CICS and
DB2 environments in our system and how they are set up.
We reviewed:
򐂰 Processing performed by the CICS DB2 Trader application
򐂰 Detailed a process which used Debug Tool, running under CICS, to identify a
problem with the logic in the application
򐂰 Provided a description of File Manager/DB2s capability to correct the data
that resulted from the problem
Important: It is very important that you exit File Manager/DB2 before running
again the transaction. The database is freed only at the end of the File
Manager/DB2 session. If the database is still held, you may get PROG753 in

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