412 IBM Application Development Tools for z/OS and OS/390
14.1 Set up the components
Two types of components need to be established for this scenario:
򐂰 CICS and DB2 components
򐂰 Program products:
Debug Tool
File Manager DB2
14.1.1 CICS and DB2 components
The components used by the Trader application are listed in Table 14-1.
Table 14-1 CICS components of the Trader application for the DB2 scenario
The data sets and member names of the application programs, the copybooks,
and the JCL for compiling these programs are listed in Appendix A, Components
of the Trader application on page 477.
14.1.2 Program products
To use the Problem Determination Tools with this scenario, please make sure
you have the following output or supporting files for each product:
Debug Tool
You must have a compiler listing or side file for the programs MYTRADMD and
򐂰 If you are not using the supplied JCL to compile these programs, make sure
you specify the following compiler options:
Component Details Remarks
CICS DB2 COBOL programs.
Tran ID TDB2 CICS transaction associated with the
program, MYTRADMD.
Mapset NEWTRAD BMS mapset containing all the maps
used by the application.
DB2 tables used by the application.

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