Chapter 6. (Spoken) Words and Pictures

You can listen to more than just music on your iPod; you can also listen to the spoken word in the form of audio books, recorded radio shows, and even certain magazines and newspapers read aloud for your listening pleasure on any iPod model including the teeny-tiny Shuffle. And if you’ve got an iPod Photo, you can up your multimedia arsenal even further because you can use your iPod to look at digital photos on the go. And you can even go larger by hooking the iPod Photo up to your television set to show off your customized musical slideshows or presentations. This chapter explores the iPod’s—and iPod Photo’s—other treats for your ears and eyes.

All About Audiobooks

Narrated stories have been a popular form of entertainment since the days of old radio serials, but audiobooks are now finding legions of new fans in the current era of digital entertainment. Why haul a two-pound book around when you can quickly download the audio version of it to your iPod and have someone read it to you?


One of the easiest and most versatile ways to get spoken-word content is to buy it from, a Web site that specializes in just that sort of thing. There are two ways to get Audible audio books and other entertainment. One way is to buy it from the iTunes Music Store (Figure 6-1), where more than 5,000 titles are available right alongside those Phish and Weezer albums.

Chapter 7 is all about the iTunes Music Store, but you don’t even need to know ...

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