Chapter 9. iPod as Calendar

“Oh, dear! Oh, dear! I shall be too late!” If the White Rabbit had had an iPod in Wonderland, he would’ve had not only a built-in clock, but also a convenient calendar program with an alarm to keep himself on schedule. (In any case, the iPod would have matched his fur better than his pocket watch and he could have listened to Jefferson Airplane on the go.)

Although the iPod works quite well with Apple’s own iCal calendar program, it also displays date-book information and appointments from other programs, like Palm Desktop and Microsoft Outlook. This chapter shows how to get your schedule loaded onto your iPod and keep you from falling down the rabbit hole on the way.


As with the Contacts feature described in Chapter 8, the iPod can only display your calendar. You can’t record new appointments or edit the ones that are already there. Of course, most people use pocket organizers just to look up their schedules anyway.

Preparing the iPod

Just as with the Contacts feature, you have to set up your iPod as an external disk before using any of the Calendar transfer techniques described here. Chapter 12 has the details.

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