Detecting a collision between the ground and player

Since we have already created our collision method, we simply go ahead and use the function. We already have a clear understanding of how a collision works because of the previous chapter, so we write the following code in our update() method of our file:

for(int i=0; i<lowerBoundary.size();i++) {    if(collision(lowerBoundary.get(i),playerCharacter)) {        playerCharacter.setPlaying(false);    }}for(int i=0; i<upperBoundary.size();i++) {    if(collision(upperBoundary.get(i),playerCharacter)) {        playerCharacter.setPlaying(false);    }}

Collision detection between the player and the ground is completed. Now, we also have to assign our maximum and minimum boundary heights as well as tweak them ...

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